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*If you're enquiring about bespoke music, you may find it easier to use the Commissions form located here.*

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The songs below are all available for licensing, click on a track to play it.

For .mp3 files use the download button next to each track. For .wav files, please select the track you want and fill in the license form. Files will be sent to your email address automagically.


What is this ‘Library’ page?

The library page on this site is a collection of tracks available to use in any media production - TV, Online, Film, Radio or anything else. A license/consent must be requested and obtained before you use any track(s) in your production(s).

Are these tracks available to license anywhere else, for free?


What is music licensing?

Music Licensing is getting permission to use a piece of music in your commercials, videos, films or any other medium.

I like one of the tracks on your library, but I need some tweaks to make it work with my project?

Sure. People often ask to have a track adapted to better fit a project. When you fill in the licensing form, specify what you would like changing/what’s not working for you on there.

How much will a license cost me?

There are no fixed prices on the site. You may be surprised with how affordable licensing a track can be. Get it touch to find out more.

What happens if I use music from this site without a license?

Watch this to find out.

Can other people use the same track(s) as me?

Yes. All the music on here is licensed on a non-exclusive basis. Meaning other people can license the same track as you. If you would like to talk about obtaining an exclusive license, please state this in the notes section of your licensing form.

Do you write custom/bespoke music for projects?

Yes. Just follow the link to the commissions form on the main library page.



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